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4 : Geelhoutkop

rocks & tree - Geelhoutkop, Vaalwater, Limpopo, Waterberg, South Africa [© 2009]

General Beyers was to fall back to Geelhoutkop, which presents a 360 degree commanding view over the surrounding countryside.  What an excellent point from which to monitor the approach of the enemy!  Geelhoutkop is named after the yellowwood tree (Podocarpus latifolius) which to this day is still to be found there although much diminished in numbers.  The cutting and shipment of trees was to become an activity carried out by farmers after the war as post and timber supports in the mines.  By contrast, bushveld trees were used in the construction of homesteads and farm buildings, the veld providing a bountiful supply of wood.

An area alongside the current road to the west of Geelhoutkop was used by the early pioneers as a é─˛way stationé─˘ along the Tarentaalstraat route onto the plateau.  Here wagons and oxen could rest after the long haul up the pass.  This was generally a cleared area to the side of the main track.  The monthly é─˛treké─˘ to Nylstroom for nagmaal  was a vital social and economic event for these pioneer communities.

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