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2016 Jeep Patriot Review: A Comprehensive Look at this Versatile SUV

When it comes to compact SUVs, the 2016 Jeep Patriot stands out for its rugged design, off-road capabilities, and affordable price tag. In this detailed review, we will delve into the various aspects of the 2016 Jeep Patriot, examining its performance, features, interior, safety, technology, off-roading capabilities, cargo space, driving experience, exterior design, maintenance costs, and more. Whether you are a Jeep enthusiast or simply looking for a reliable and versatile SUV, this article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Performance and Fuel Efficiency

The 2016 Jeep Patriot offers two engine options, providing a balance between power and fuel efficiency. The base engine is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that delivers 158 horsepower and 141 lb-ft of torque. If you're looking for more power, there's also a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 172 horsepower and 165 lb-ft of torque. Both engines can be paired with either a five-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission.

Powerful Engine Options

The 2.0-liter engine provides adequate power for everyday driving and is more fuel-efficient, achieving an EPA-estimated 23 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. On the other hand, the 2.4-liter engine offers more punch and is better suited for those who require additional power for towing or off-roading. However, it comes with slightly lower fuel economy ratings, with an EPA-estimated 21 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

Smooth Transmission Choices

The five-speed manual transmission offers a sportier driving experience, allowing you to have more control over gear changes. On the other hand, the six-speed automatic transmission provides smooth and effortless shifts, making it a convenient choice for daily commuting and city driving.

Interior Features and Comfort

Step inside the 2016 Jeep Patriot, and you'll be greeted by a spacious and comfortable interior that can accommodate up to five passengers. The cabin offers ample headroom and legroom for both front and rear passengers, ensuring a comfortable ride even on long journeys. The seats are well-cushioned and supportive, making them suitable for extended periods of driving.

Practical Seating Options

The Jeep Patriot offers versatile seating options to accommodate both passengers and cargo. The rear seat features a 60/40 split-folding design, allowing you to configure the space according to your needs. Need to transport larger items? Simply fold down the rear seat to create a flat load floor, expanding the cargo space. Additionally, the front passenger seat can fold forward, allowing you to carry longer items while still accommodating a passenger in the rear seat.

Quality Materials and Thoughtful Design

The interior of the 2016 Jeep Patriot features quality materials and a thoughtful design. The dashboard layout is user-friendly, with easy-to-reach controls and clear instrumentation. The cabin is well-insulated, keeping road and wind noise to a minimum. The seats are upholstered in durable cloth material, which is comfortable and easy to clean. Higher trims offer the option of upgrading to leather upholstery for added luxury.

Safety and Reliability

When it comes to safety, the 2016 Jeep Patriot received a four-star overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It offers a range of standard and available safety features to ensure the well-being of both you and your passengers.

Standard Safety Features

The standard safety features of the 2016 Jeep Patriot include antilock brakes, stability control, front-seat side airbags, and full-length curtain airbags. These features work together to provide enhanced protection in the event of a collision. The antilock brakes help prevent wheel lock-up during braking, increasing control and stability. Stability control assists in maintaining vehicle stability and can help prevent skidding or sliding during abrupt maneuvers.

Available Advanced Safety Technologies

Higher trims of the 2016 Jeep Patriot offer additional safety technologies to provide added peace of mind. These include rearview cameras and rear parking sensors, which assist in maneuvering the vehicle in tight spaces and improve visibility when reversing. While the Patriot may not offer the most advanced safety features found in some competing SUVs, it does provide the essential safety equipment that you would expect from a vehicle of its class.

Technology and Infotainment

The 2016 Jeep Patriot comes equipped with a range of tech features to enhance your driving experience. From entertainment to connectivity, these features ensure that you stay connected and entertained while on the road.

User-Friendly Infotainment System

The base model of the 2016 Jeep Patriot comes with a CD player, an auxiliary audio jack, and an audio input jack. However, higher trims offer an upgraded infotainment system with more advanced features. The available touchscreen infotainment system provides an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. It allows you to control various functions, such as audio, climate control, and phone connectivity, all from one central location.

Seamless Smartphone Integration

Connectivity is a top priority for many drivers, and the Patriot delivers with its available Uconnect system. This system provides seamless smartphone integration, allowing you to make hands-free calls, stream music, and access your favorite apps directly from the infotainment system. The Uconnect system also supports voice commands, enabling you to control various functions without taking your hands off the wheel.

Off-Roading Capabilities

One of the standout features of the 2016 Jeep Patriot is its off-road capabilities. If you're an adventurous soul who enjoys tackling challenging terrains, the Patriot is ready to take you on your next off-road expedition.

Freedom Drive II Off-Road Group Package

The 2016 Jeep Patriot offers an optional Freedom Drive II Off-Road Group package, which enhances its off-road performance. This package includes features such as hill descent control, tow hooks, all-terrain tires, and a full-size spare tire. The Patriot equipped with this package also comes with a low-range mode, which provides better control and traction when navigating through rough and uneven terrain.

Trail-Rated Capability

The Jeep Patriot has earned the Trail Rated badge, indicating its ability to perform in various off-road conditions. This designation is earned through a series of rigorous tests that assess the vehicle's traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation, and water fording capabilities. With its sturdy construction, high ground clearance, and off-road-oriented features, the Patriot is well-equipped to handle challenging trails and conquer the great outdoors.

Cargo Space and Versatility

Despite its compact size, the 2016 Jeep Patriot offers a surprisingly spacious cargo area. Whether you need to transport groceries, luggage, or outdoor gear, the Patriot provides ample space to accommodate your needs.

Generous Cargo Capacity

With the rear seats in place, the 2016 Jeep Patriot offers 23 cubic feet of cargo space. This is more than enough room to fit your everyday essentials, such as groceries or sports equipment. However, if you need to transport larger items, simply fold down the rear seat to create a flat load floor. This expands the cargo space to an impressive 53.5 cubic feet, allowing you to carry bulky items or make room for larger shopping trips.

Clever Storage Solutions

The Jeep Patriot features clever storage solutions that add to its versatility. For example, the available cargo floor can be flipped over to reveal a water-resistant side, perfect for transporting wet or dirty items. The cargo area also includes convenient tie-down hooks, allowing you to secure your belongings and prevent them from shifting during transit. Additionally, the Patriot offers various storage compartments throughout the cabin, providing additional space to stow away smaller items.

Driving Experience and Handling

On the road, the 2016 Jeep Patriot delivers a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Its responsive steering, well-tuned suspension, and competent powertrain make it a versatile SUV that can handle a variety of driving conditions.

Smooth and Comfortable Ride

The Patriot's suspension system is well-balanced, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Whether you're cruising on the highway or navigating through city streets, the Patriot absorbs bumps and road imperfections with ease, ensuring that you and your passengers remain comfortable throughout the journey. The cabin is also well-insulated, effectively reducing road and wind noise, further enhancing the overall driving experience.

Confident Handling and Maneuverability

Despite its rugged appearance, the 2016 Jeep Patriot handles with confidence and maneuverability. The responsive steering allows for precise control, making it easy to navigate tight turns and parking spaces. Additionally, the Patriot's compact size and well-designed sightlines provide excellent visibility, further enhancing its overall maneuverability.

Exterior Design and Styling

The 2016 Jeep Patriot stays true to its Jeep heritage with its rugged and timeless design. From its iconic seven-slot grille to its muscular stance, the Patriot exudes a sense of adventure and capability.

Iconic Jeep Design Elements

Customization Options

In addition to its classic design, the 2016 Jeep Patriot offers various customization options to suit individual preferences. It is available in a range of exterior colors, allowing you to choose a hue that reflects your personality. The Patriot also offers different wheel options, including alloy wheels in various sizes and designs. With these customization choices, you can make your Patriot stand out from the crowd and showcase your personal style.

Functional Design

While the 2016 Jeep Patriot's exterior design is undoubtedly eye-catching, it is also highly functional. The squared-off shape not only gives it a rugged appearance but also contributes to its off-road capability. The high ground clearance and short overhangs allow the Patriot to navigate steep inclines and challenging obstacles with ease. Additionally, the available roof rack provides additional storage space for larger items such as bicycles, kayaks, or roof-mounted cargo boxes.

Maintenance and Ownership Costs

When considering a vehicle for purchase, it is essential to take into account the long-term maintenance and ownership costs. The 2016 Jeep Patriot is known for its affordability and relatively low cost of ownership.

Affordable Parts and Servicing

The availability of parts and servicing is crucial when it comes to maintenance costs. The 2016 Jeep Patriot benefits from being a popular model, which means that parts are readily available at affordable prices. Whether you need routine maintenance or repairs, you can expect to find a wide range of options for parts and service, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Decent Fuel Efficiency

Another factor to consider in terms of ownership costs is fuel efficiency. The 2016 Jeep Patriot offers decent fuel efficiency for a compact SUV. With the base 2.0-liter engine, it achieves an EPA-estimated 23 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. Opting for the 2.4-liter engine results in slightly lower fuel economy ratings, with an EPA-estimated 21 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. While these figures may not be the highest in the segment, they are competitive and help to keep fuel costs manageable.

Resale Value

The 2016 Jeep Patriot has a solid reputation for holding its value over time. Jeeps, in general, tend to retain their resale value well, and the Patriot is no exception. This means that when the time comes to sell or trade in your Patriot, you can expect to receive a favorable return on your investment.

Pros and Cons of the 2016 Jeep Patriot

As with any vehicle, the 2016 Jeep Patriot has its strengths and weaknesses. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


  • Affordable price tag: The Patriot is competitively priced, making it an accessible option for many buyers.
  • Off-road capabilities: With its Trail Rated badge and optional off-road package, the Patriot can handle various terrains and challenging conditions.
  • Spacious and versatile interior: The Patriot offers ample room for passengers and cargo, with convenient seating configurations and clever storage solutions.
  • Decent fuel efficiency: The Patriot's engine options provide a balance between power and fuel efficiency, ensuring you can go the distance without breaking the bank.
  • Easy and affordable maintenance: The availability of parts and servicing at reasonable prices contributes to the Patriot's low cost of ownership.


  • Outdated interior design: While functional, the interior design of the Patriot may feel dated compared to some of its more modern competitors.
  • Less powerful engine options compared to competitors: While the Patriot's engines provide adequate power for everyday driving, they may not satisfy those seeking high-performance or towing capabilities.
  • Noisy cabin at higher speeds: Some reviewers have noted that the Patriot's cabin can be noisy, particularly at higher speeds or on rough road surfaces.
  • Limited advanced safety features: While the Patriot offers essential safety features, it may lack some of the more advanced driver-assistance technologies found in newer SUVs.
  • Less refined ride quality compared to some rivals: The Patriot's suspension, while capable, may not offer the same level of comfort and refinement as some of its competitors.

Despite these cons, the 2016 Jeep Patriot remains a popular choice among compact SUV enthusiasts due to its affordability, off-road capabilities, spacious interior, and overall value for money.

In conclusion, the 2016 Jeep Patriot is a versatile SUV that offers a blend of ruggedness, functionality, and affordability. With its capable off-road performance, spacious interior, and range of features, it appeals to a wide range of drivers, from adventure seekers to families in need of practicality. While it may not offer all the bells and whistles of some of its competitors, the Patriot compensates with its dependable performance, timeless design, and accessible price point. If you're in the market for a compact SUV that can handle both the daily commute and weekend adventures, the 2016 Jeep Patriot is worth considering.

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